11 days to Tri

21 Sep

In 11 days I will participate in my very first triathlon.  The Mission Bay triathlon in San Diego on Sunday, October 2nd will be here before we know it and I have to admit is a excited and terrified all at the same time.

This all started almost a year ago when I started swim lessons with Trainer Ali.  Fast forward a year later, I own a wetsuit and swim in the ocean.  Well, I swam in the ocean…once, but that counts!  And if all goes right, I will get one more OWS in before the race over the weekend.

Even tough it is only a sprint distance, it is my first so I have butterflies!  I got some of the race info in the mail over the weekend and it really hit me, in 11 days I will be a triathlete!  I have spent so much time around triathletes and at triathlons, you would think I would be more relaxed.  But that isn’t me.  Speaking of me, I have discovered a lot about myself during the training process.  I always knew I was competitive, but I realized I am ugly, pouty, temper-tantrum competitive.  A side of myself that I am not too proud of.  I also realized how intense I really am.  I take this stuff pretty seriously.  You should read some of my late night e-mails to Trainer Ali. “We MUST incorporate bricks into our training…”, “When are we getting in the ocean?  This MUST happen soon..”  Okay, so they weren’t that bad, but you get the drift.

But the biggest discovery/surprise is how different Molly and I are.  Molly is my bestie and partner in crime.  She ran the marathon with me, rode the AIDS Lifecycle and now will race her first triathlon with me as well.  Molly is just happy to finish and looks at the race as new adventure.  I, on the other hand, have a goal time and lists so I don’t forget anything.  I bought my wetsuit last month and I have been practicing in it.  Molly is borrowing one and I don’t even think she has seen it yet.  I want to have every training session planned out at the beginning of the week.  Molly decides that day what she is going to do.  We are complete opposites.  We would joke that we shared a brain because we would think of things at the same time and have the same reaction, not when it comes to training.  Trainer Ali thinks it is good for us, balance.

Like I mentioned earlier, last week was my first OWS and I did not die, although I was brutally attached by some kelp.  The ocean is not my favorite.  I have been know to think I was drowning in a foot of water. (Marc told me to stand up, yeah I can be dramatic) It also took me a good 30 minutes to put my face in the water to snorkel.  Even though I am a Pisces and should love the water, it kind of freaks me out.  So I knew I couldn’t venture out alone and Trainer Ali was up for the challenge.  You don’t realize just how much water you drink when you are swimming until it has the sodium content of condensed soup.  I really felt like I drank half the Pacific and don’t even get me started on what I think is IN the water. GROSS!

Overall, it was okay.  The way the waves move you up and down made my tummy flip and flop, so I was lucky the water was flat.  That combined with the salt water left for a queasy stomach.  I would like to get in one more time before the race and I hope and pray that the water will be flat.  Our race is in a bay, so I hope that will help.

I did it!


Have you swam in the ocean?  How was it for you?  Any newbie triathlete advice?


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