TriRock San Diego

15 Sep

This is a little late, but I wanted to share my amazing weekend in San Diego.  A few months back my friend Maria contacted me about doing a Tough Chik relay team for the TriRock San Diego race.  I was already going to be in San Diego to work the expo with Tough Chik and thought “Why not?”  She is a strong runner, so she volunteered to do the run and she knew that I was a cyclist.  I asked her to find us a swimmer and we would have a team.  She brought on her friend Kadi and Team Tough Chik was born.

Team Tough Chik

Team Tough Chik

Maria (run), Shannon (cycle) and Kadi (swim)

I had never done a triathlon, although I have attended several over the past few years.  Maria raced TriRock last year with a relay team, so she was our guide and team captain.  Kadi had to work on Saturday (because she is an AWESOME life saving RN), so we met early on Sunday to grab our packet. We met at the crack of dawn (literally) at the Tough Chik tent and sorted our packet of markings, tattoos and timing chips.

At first we tried the cool marking tattoo that TriRock provided…

Despite my face, it didn’t hurt…it just wasn’t sticking, so we went old skool and broke out the Sharpie.  Of course, Maria was prepared and pulled one out of her bag.  You can see Kadi’s boyfriend Scott in the background laughing at us, we were quite the scene.  He is an awesome photographer and got some great shots!

the arm

the quad

Since we were the relay wave of the Sprint distance, we were the last wave to race in the sprint distance and the Olympic distance would start right after us.  That will be important later in the story.  They also changed the bike route on Friday due to heighten security for September 11th.  We were suppose to ride on the Naval Base, but were no longer allowed to.  This too will come into play later.

Kadi getting ready for the swim

She is out there somewhere

And then it was my turn…

Not the cutest photo, but it is proof I was there...

So as soon as Kadi runs in, Maria rips of the timing chip from Kadi’s ankle and wraps it around mine and I am off.  Now the next part I have been debating on sharing with you.  I could easily say the bike was fun and move on, but this is a blog about all things good, bad, ugly and just out right embarrassing.  So here it is, my big confession.  I ran out of transition and hopped on my bike.  I looked down and my trip computer was not working.  This damn thing has been working on and off for the past few months.  If you follow my blog, you will remember it stopped working on me on Day 3 of the AIDS Lifecycle.  It was expensive, so I haven’t replaced it yet.  I digress.  So, the trip computer is not working.  I didn’t look at the new route, I figured I was just follow the masses.  I mean, could I get lost??  So I am hauling a$$, feeling pretty good about my ride.  We have to ride over train tracks which sucks and the road was pretty rough in sections, but I was passing people left and right and feeling good.  I had no idea what my speed was, but I could tell I was going pretty fast.  My lungs were burning and my heart was thumping but I was loving every minute of it.  The route was an out and back and once I got to the “bike in” sign the volunteers were yelling, “sprint to the left, Olympic to the right”.  I overheard someone saying something about 2 laps, but I assumed that 1 lap = sprint, 2 laps = Olympic.  Makes sense, right?  See, since I was the last was of the sprint, most of the participants on the road were finishing up the ride and there were some speedy Olympic distance athletes on the course as well.  So, I did as I was told and went left.  Ran into transition and my team was nowhere to be found.  I see them at the fence watching and they run over.  Maria rips of the timing chip and at the same time the team next to me asks me if I did 2 laps.  “What, no we are Sprint distance we do 1 lap, right?”  OH SHIT!  What I was supposed to do 2 laps!!  By this time Maria is gone.  My head is spinning, do I go after her and ride another lap?  What do I do?  Kadi is laughing and give me a big hug.  I feel like a complete fool.  How can I not tell the difference between 5 miles and 10 miles?  I didn’t have the trip computer and I guess I just got lost in the moment.  I felt horrible, stupid and embarrassed.  I was also really mad at myself, because I was riding really strong and think I would have made a great time for the team.  Maria was gone by the time we realized what was going on, so she headed out and ran a very strong 5K.

Maria bringing it home for Team Tough Chik

Needless to say, we were DQed (disqualified) and it was all my fault.  I still feel really bad, but my team was great and we had fun no matter what.  That is what counts, right?

Hopefully I will get it right in a few weeks when I compete in my first triathlon, Mission Bay on October 2nd.  There are no laps, so I think I will be okay.

Lesson: always look at the course map.


3 Responses to “TriRock San Diego”

  1. Tonia September 15, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    Too bad about the DQ. Although, it is kind of funny. The tri kits look fab. I so need to get one for my 70.3 in April.


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