superhero or triathlete

1 Sep

Earlier this week I received my very first wetsuit.  I posted this photo on my facebook page…


Here are my thoughts….

1. it was super easy to put on, i was a little worried when I pulled it out of the package because it looked tiny!  but had no problem

2. i need a new phone, this photo quality is awful (I bought an iphone yesterday 🙂 and i should invest in eye make up remover…

3. does anyone look cute in a wetsuit?

4. do you think i can spray paint a Tough Chik logo on my wetsuit?

5. it took me 15 minutes to take it off!!!  Any suggestions?  PLEASE HELP!

6. by the time i got this rubber death trap (i kid..i still love it) off i was drenched in sweat.  no way will i be cold in the ocean

7. after posting this photo my bestie said i looked like a super hero and my brother posted “Holy Sh*t, when did you become a crime fighter… oh, that’s not a bat-suit… still look tough though…. you need a cape and cowl!”

Do you think a cape will create too much “drag” ?

What should my super hero name be?  Trigirl?  Capt. Tough Chik?


3 Responses to “superhero or triathlete”

  1. michelle September 1, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    ha ha! Love it – the same thing happened when I first got my suit – I was sweating like crazy when I took the thing off (well, and when I put it on – my didn’t go on very easily!). I don’t think anyone looks awesome in a wetsuit, but you’re doing a great job getting close to awesome. When do you take it out for a spin???

    • michelle September 1, 2011 at 10:08 am #

      And if you don’t want to use BodyGlide, use Pam 🙂 Works great! It’s all I use and my wetsuit is 100% fine!

  2. Alicia King September 1, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    1) the wetsuit does not create drag, it actually creates buoyancy = FASTER times. You will need practice in it before you get to the real deal because you’ll have different form (e.g. my ironman fiance can’t breast stroke with his wetsuit on because of the change of angles). A lot of people have panic attacks the first time they do open water, the first time they try a wetsuit, etc. be sure you have tried both together.

    2) practice your T1. A lot. practice running and stripping out of it at the same time… you should have your cap & goggles off & your suit open to the waist with your arms out by the time you reach your bike.

    3) body glide is your friend – glide the heck out of your ankles and calves; stick your foot in a plastic grocery bag to don the suit without removing the glide.

    Pro T1 / wetsuit tips –

    step 1: grab your strap and start unzipping as you run
    step 2: take your cap and goggles off, then hold them in one hand as you yank that arm out – leave the sleeve inside out, and leave the cap and goggles “stored” inside the sleeve.
    step 3: wriggle out of arm #2
    step 4: have it ready for the bottom part when you reach your bike
    (the body glide will help with the legs)

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