My first BRICK…fail :(

30 Aug

Today I was all set to complete my first brick!  For those not engulfed in the world of triathlon, a brick is when you do training session back to back to simulate a portion of a triathlon.  You will either do a swim session and then follow that with a bike ride, or ,what I was planning, a bike ride followed by a run.

I am training for a sprint triathlon which is 500 meter swim, 15K bike and a 5K run (they all differ a bit at the sprint level).  Since my race is short, my training activities should be short as well.  My problem is, if I go though the trouble to get in the pool or on my bike, I am going to get a “good” workout in and not a “sprint” size workout.  I know, I am silly.  So this morning I mapped out an 8 mile ride followed by 2.5 mile run.  I know it sounds short, but I wanted to get my legs “use” to the feeling of running after a hard ride.

I headed out for my ride with my run transition set up in my foyer.  I got 1.88 miles down the road and then I heard that dreaded noise and feeling of riding on you rim.  You know what I am talking about?  UGH!  So I pull over and of course, it is my BACK wheel.  Double UGH!  So I flip my bike over and go to get my tools out of my bike bag.  I pull out the CO2 cartridge and search for the adapter…no adapter.  Triple UGH!  I sit there trying to figure out how I am going to get home and walking the 1.88 miles UP HILL in bike shoes is starting to look like my only option.  Then an angel with a goatee and a backpack full of tools rode up on his Cannondale. Ahhhh!  He was able to help me out and get me back on the road. But I had a nail that went through the tube and the tire and then bent to staple the tube to the tire.  I knew that the tire was compromised, so a second flat wasn’t an issue of if, but when.  So, I headed home.

The tire held up on the way home, so I decided to do some laps around the block.  My neighbors probably think I am nuts, but I had fun riding a flat road with no lights and traffic. It was like my own crit.  I ended up doing right under seven miles when I dumped my bike in the front hall and transitioned into my running shoes and visor.

I headed up the hill and my legs felt tired and heavy.  I can’t imagine running over 3 miles with these cement shoes and rubber legs.  But my legs did adjust and was feeling okay by the end of the run.  I ran without an ipod, which I never do.  I know I can’t race with it, so I best get use to hearing my breathe.  I really don’t care to hear my huffing and puffing, but I guess I will get use to it too!

I guess it wasn’t a total fail, I did get a workout in and did run after a ride.  So I guess it will do.  Later this week I am going to try the swim/ride brick.  Hopefully it will go smoother!


3 Responses to “My first BRICK…fail :(”

  1. Michelle Bouchard August 31, 2011 at 7:58 am #

    That was SOOO not a failure! It would have been a fail if you bagged the whole thing after the tire incident. Good for you for keepin’ on! I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do with a flat tire. I would have been the walking fool in bike shoes. 🙂

  2. Sara F August 31, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    I agree, totally not a failure. Yes, problem on the bike but whether or not you were going to run after you would have had the problem with the tire. And the more you run after biking the more your legs will get used to it and not feel like cement. I say good job!

  3. Alicia King September 1, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    Agree with Sara – the more bricks you do the easier it is, that’s the whole point. Once your legs understand the changeover, it only takes a few steps to get into the groove.

    Flats suck. Yay for Mr Goatee and his positive bike Karma.

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