Mini Sprint Tri

25 Aug

The great (and super resourceful) Trainer Ali decided to put a mini sprint triathlon together for myself and my partner in crime, Molly.  We scheduled to meet at Lake Mission Viejo with a long list of accessories.  Ali emailed us a list the night before that looked like this…

For the swim:
swim suit

For the bike:
cycling shoes
water bottle

For the run:
running shoes

Did I forget anything?
Let’s meet at the gate.  I will pay for each of you to get in since there is so much gear.  Thanks!
Sent to you from Trainer Ali…
             …now eat your veggies!

Luckily my mom was along for the ride and was able to help me cart all my gear into the lake area.  We set up our bikes and trainers and then set up our gear for each of the transitions.

We were going to swim in the lake (after a warm up) over the 500 meters, so we would know what that length felt like without the comforts of a pool.  Then we were to run out of the lake, transition for the bike and get on the trainer.  We would ride on the trainer for about 15 minutes, then transition into our run gear and run around the beach section of the lake (probably 1/2 mile).

me, Trainer Ali, Molly

Swim 16:40

Running out of the lake

T1 1:30

The Bike - Wow I look intense, I took this seriously 🙂 (not timed)

Unapologetic advertising photo of the back of the Tough Chik Tri Kit

T2 - can't say enough about yanks! 0:18

I'm OFF!

The run (not timed)

We had a blast!  I had a VERY hard time swimming in a straight line and I am not very good at spotting.  I definitely need to spend a lot of time in the lake and the ocean before the tri on Oct.1.  I ordered my wetsuit last night and as soon as I get it, I will face my biggest fear…OWS (open water swimming, Mom)!  Even though my race is in a bay, we will still have some waves and the dreaded salt water.  I need to know what a mouthful of THAT tastes like so I am prepared.

I was really happy that my mom got to see me in action and now she knows what I am talking about.  I could tell she was really proud and got to see a new side of this Tough Chik!

My inspiration and Tough Old Bird with the Tough Chik



One Response to “Mini Sprint Tri”

  1. Sandy McClintic August 25, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    I so enjoyed being able to see the tri training! You work so hard and I am so proud of you! Wish I could be there in Oct to see the “real thing”! Go Shannon! Go Tough Chik!
    Mom (Tough Ol’ Bird)

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