Something new…the treadmill…what?

19 Jul

Yesterday I ran on a treadmill for the first time EVER!  Can you believe that I have been running pretty consistently for over 4 years and yesterday was my first time indoors?

I live in Southern California and have always had the opportunity to run outside.  For six years I lived a block off the beach and had a wonderful 20+ mile esplanade along the Pacific Ocean.  This is where I did most of my marathon training.  Since it was along the water, it was never too hot or too cold.  There was a handful of times when I ran in the rain (more like a sprinkle) but the few times the weather did not cooperate, I just used it as a rest day.  No biggie.  Over a year ago we moved to South Orange County and now I have a lovely lake to run around.  We are inland from the ocean, so it is a bit warmer in the summer and a tad cooler in the winter, but nothing that would cause you to stay inside.  My new route, the lake, is over 3 miles around and if I do one section twice, I can get 5 miles.  The lake is quite hilly and since I have been concentrating on cycling, this has been a good distance for cross training.  To make a long story short, there has never been the need to hop on the TM.

Then my knee started to act up.  The hills around the lake cause discomfort (not pain…just in case my PT Jason is reading) so I have been laying off the running.  My next race is a sprint tri in October, so I am not too concerned about getting up the mileage.  Yesterday I went to the gym to work on my strength training for my knees and thought I would warm up.  I figured that I would try this treadmill thingy.  I started with a walk holding on to the side, I got my bearings and upped the pace.  Before I knew it I was jogging, then I was running!  I was able to run for 30 minutes and without any hills, which was great for my knees.  My warm up turned into a full fledged cardio work out.  I really enjoyed the uninterrupted run minus walkers, strollers, stop lights and the like.  I ran on a treadmill and I liked it!  I can see why people buy these things for their homes.  Now I have a great way to get in some flat running and maybe some longer distances when I can’t find a good route outside.

Have you tried something new lately?


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