My list of grievances

12 Jul

I don’t know if it is my bum knee or the rise in heat and humidity, but I have noticed that I have been a little agitated recently.  In order to release some of my pent-up aggression, I have decided to post a list of grievances.

1) Turn signals – I have 2 issues with turn signals.  First off, USE THEM.  When I am riding I can only anticipate so much what drivers are going to do.  I am not a freaking mind reader!  And don’t get pissy with me when I block your turn lane with my bike…how was I suppose to know you were turning!  UGH!  My second issue is, once you have changed lanes…TURN OFF YOUR SIGNAL!  Don’t your hear the annoying clicking sound?  Do you see that huge flashing arrow on your dash-board?  Again, I know you may be shocked to learn but I am NOT a mind reader and if I slow down to let you into my lane and you don’t even want over…you will get the stink eye!

2) Political text messages – I really don’t know how this “party” got my cell number, it is actually not even the “party” I am registered with.  (I am using quotes around the word party because not one thing that I typically associate with a party can be linked in this circumstance)  Honestly, I don’t give a shit.  I don’t even live in LA anymore and I wish I cared more about local politics, but I don’t.  So, “party” people  I have asked you to remove me from your text message list and I really wished you would oblige.  At this point I may just change my phone number.

3) Rouge Runners – I run around the local lake which is very popular for runners and walkers.  There is a very wide sidewalk to accommodate runners and walkers moving in both directions.  The sidewalk should be treated as a road and you should run/walk on the right hand side.  If you are slower, you should stay to the furthest right portion of the sidewalk to allow others to pass you.  I really don’t think this is too much to ask.

4) Cell Phone/Smart Phone/Tech Devices Amuck – I seem to find myself spending a lot of time in doctor’s waiting rooms, mainly due to the fact that I get allergy shots twice a week.  Now that it is summer, I am sharing said waiting room with kids.  Let me first say that I don’t have children without 4 legs, so I have no authority on the raising of a child nor do I claim to.  BUT it seems that every single one of these kids has some electronic game or phone or device glued to their little hands.  What ever happened to reading Highlights at the doctor’s office?  And it is not just the kids, the adults too.  I know, I know, I run my own business and need to check email, etc while I am out, I get it. But the other night my husband and I were at dinner at your run-of-the-mill-big-chain-suburbia-hell-restaurant and there was a family of four at the table next to us.  Mom, Dad and two teen kids (a boy and a girl).  They sat down and Mom popped open her I Pad and started a movie.  Her and Dad watched a movie on her I Pad at the restaurant, WHILE THEY WERE EATING.  The Boy and Girl were each on their respective smartphones.  I was so close to taking a picture because I just couldn’t believe it.  To be honest, I don’t care how you raise your kids.  I don’t care if they speak in incomplete sentences due to the massive amount of texting.  What does get under my skin is the noises!  I am trying to read a book at the doctor’s office (you know that thing of paper with a binding) I don’t want the hear the sound effects from Angry Birds.  Can you please hit the mute?

5) Myself – Yes, I am annoying myself.  My hubby has a great way of pointing out new habits that I take on.  The other night at the movies he pointed out that I am using the word “ginormous” all the time.  According to him, it is my new favorite word.  Now I am catching myself saying ginormous every other sentence.  The new wheels on my bike, the burger on TV, the road rash on the cyclist in the Tour de France…everything is ginormous and it is driving me crazy.  Thanks honey.

I could go on and on, but who want to hear about me complaining.  What is ticking you off right now?


2 Responses to “My list of grievances”

  1. caratunkgirl July 12, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    The heat is ticking me off right now!! 🙂

    Love your new blog over here at WP! Looks awesome!

  2. Kate July 12, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    Loved the comment on the rogue runners. I was riding on a multi-use trail this weekend (Northern Virginia) and this mother and daughter just walked right out into the middle of the trail w/o looking either direction. (There was a farmer’s market on the other side of the trail.)

    I frequently have to remind myself that this particular trail is multi-use so I shouldn’t be bothered if there are people out teaching their kids to ride, runners, cyclists, horses (in some spots), but the ignorance that this mom and daughter exhibited for even knowing they were in a spot where they should look both directions was astounding.

    Of course, I told something to the effect of, “You know. The trail’s not only for you. It’s multi-use,” because I nearly took out the kid. I realize that might not have helped cyclist relations, but it’s better than what I could have said given how badly I was scared in the situation.

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