Stop before it hurts.

5 Jul

Today is my second PT session concerning my knee. On day 3 of the ALC ride (almost a month ago), my knee started to hurt and hurt so much that it effected my riding. I would have to gear WAY down to climb and after a few hours of pedaling the pain would become unbearable. I took 2 weeks off of running and riding to give my body time to recover.  (I was only planning on one but then the whole wisdom tooth debacle imposed a second week)  Even after the rest, as soon as I got back on the bike, the pain was back.  So I went to the doctor and he x-rayed my knee to discover my knee cap has slid off my knee a bit.  He explained how this was very rare with cyclist (of course) since we have such well developed quads and hamstrings (Excuse me…what are you trying to say about my muscles…).  Then he pointed out how well developed my quads were (yeah, so now I love him…redemption) and he sent me to Physical Therapy.

I went through the standard range of motion and the typical “does it hurt when I do this” test with the PT.  The issue is that it really only hurts when I ride, so it was hard to explain and show what and where it was hurting.  I was given some knee cap mobility exercises (yeah, I didn’t know they existed either) and sent on my way.  On my way out I asked the question every injured runner/cyclist or whatever is your choice of pain asks, “So, can I ride?”

The PT, Jason, responded, “Yes, but stop before it hurts.”

I must have given him a very puzzling look because he followed that by, “You know, your knee started hurting at mile 15, so only ride 10 miles.”

Wow, what a concept!  Stop before it hurts!  So what did I do?  I went out on Saturday and rode 23 miles.  I am a very bad patient.  I wasn’t in real pain, just sever discomfort.  That is totally different!

When I went back today I was given some exercises to test my balance and stability.  I could not believe the difference between the two knees.  The right knee was wobbly, weak and my balance was considerably off compared to the left.  I might be a little more injured that I thought.  I was given some strenghtening exercise and I have another appointment later this week.  I am planning on spending most of my time this week in the gym strength training.  Jason also got on my case a little about incorporating strength training into my workouts.  I am all about the cardio and when I do lift it is so infrequent that I am sore for weeks, preventing me from cycling.  This makes me sad, so I don’t lift.  Vicious circle.  He also gave me another Ah Ha, when he suggested not lifting so intensely that I wouldn’t be that sore.  So many crazy ideas this guy has!

Anyone else nursing an injury?  Misery loves company.


One Response to “Stop before it hurts.”

  1. Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom July 5, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    Bad Shannon!! Better listen to your PT 🙂 Since misery loves company I’ll let you know my ankle and my hip are killing me. I upped my mileage too much too quickly last week, so now I need to take a little time off from running :/ Enjoy your strength training! I love it 🙂 If lifting weights isn’t up your alley, try kettlebells if your PT says it would be ok for you knee, you’d love them. Or try a Bikram yoga class! It’s a combo cardio/strength/flexibility workout, it’d probably be awesome for you right now while you’re injured.

    Oh, and just an FYI – I had to re-subscribe to your blog. I don’t get notified via google friend connect anymore. So you can maybe let your old google followers know to do that to keep up with your blog 🙂

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